Computer Vision

We develop neural network-based methods for extracting gameplay states directly from live or replay video sources.

League of Legends experts, and even regular viewers of World Championships, LEC or LCK, understand match analysis is an integral part of preparing for tournaments. Coaches look for the mistakes of their players and note inappropriate behavior during laning phases or teamfights.

Commentators, on the other hand, look for narratives that can then be used during broadcasts, reasons for successes and failures, and players integral to a team's success.

No matter who you are and why you are looking for meaningful game insights, you are going to encounter some limitations. To challenge this issue, we have created Computer Vision for League of Legends, a technology designed to automate the process of analyzing a game and provide experts with the essence of an entire, sometimes up to 40-minute game within 60 seconds.

Based on neural networks, the technology will scan the entire game and extract the most important information, necessary for experts to analyze the training of their team, a match held in professional competitions, or even a replay of one of their rivals. We can acquire and visualize most of the API data for every replay format - whether it's a scrim game, YouTube replay, or mp4 file.

In as little as one minute, Computer Vision will summarize the game, and put the entire team in front of the details of the match they just played. Players will analyze their stats, view their damage done and teamfight effectiveness. Our future work is focused on even more innovative macro indicators such as grouping efficiency or minion wave control. And this just the taste of things to come. 

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Apr 21, 2021

Does caffeine have a positive effect on esports players’ hit accuracy and reaction time?

Caffeine is an everyday part of many peoples’ lives. We start the day with a cup of coffee to concentrate faster and wake up after a few hours of sleep. In the case of esports players, it’s often energy drinks that are being consumed before an important match or long day of training with the team. No one knew though if the caffeine is affecting players’ accuracy and reaction time. In April 2020 someone finally decided to test it.

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