Pro Skills Assessment

Working with experts, we have created technology that allows you to evaluate player and team performance from the perspective of professional coaches and analysts.

The Pro Skills Assessment is the essence we have learned from our work with coaches and professional players. Instead of focusing solely on the basic, mechanical skills of players, we have begun to look at other types of skills that enable players to succeed. We have abstracted individual skill metrics from the impact of team actions and focused on aspects that are often overlooked in this context.

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Technology designed with coaches and analysts in mind

The days when five mechanically talented, hard-working players could dominate international competitions are over. You only have to look at the top teams in Counter-Strike and League of Legends to see that behind the players battling it out on Inferno or Summoner's Rift is a huge background of coaches and analysts.

In top-tier organizations, every part of preperation, such as in-game compositions and opponent analysis, is performed by a separate specialist. The professional Counter-Strike scene has proven time and time again that a coach is just as big a reason for a team's success as a talented sniper or an experienced leader.

The Pro Skills Assessment was created to help analysts and coaches in their daily work.

We have gathered our experience from working with leading esports organizations and automated the analysis of individual and team behavior. Our proprietary algorithms will allow for automatic detection of players' and teams' skill expressions, which will greatly simplify the work of coaching staff and leave it to analysts to draw further conclusions from our analysis and implement the necessary changes in players' lives.

We acknowledged the fact that most of the data on a player’s performance is heavily influenced by his or her teammates' behaviors and built indicators based on pure individual skills. Thanks to this approach we can differentiate players at every level of the game.

Many stats are also misinterpreted due to a lack of situational game context. That is why we have decided to include that contextual information and create multi-factor indicators simulating what professional players think about the game.

Veterans will become even better

The Pro Skills Assessment is not only a tool for coaches and analysts, but also for players. One of the most interesting issues in esports is the topic of development of a player who is already at the highest level of competition. What should we be working on if we are regularly beating the best teams in our field?

Competition in Counter-Strike and League of Legends is growing, and with it comes the risk of a new, unknown team taking the professional game by storm and seeing what the rest of us haven't seen yet. The Pro Skills Assessment will show the players the small missing pieces in their gameplay and point their development in the right direction.

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Apr 21, 2021

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